Devoted to You’s Mentorship Program is BACK.

Join Melissa for 6 weeks of an intensive inside look at the Wedding Industry as a whole, and what it is like to be a wedding planner and own your own business.


PROGRAM STARTS July 10, 2023

Why Mentorship?

Melissa started the Devoted To You Mentorship Program because she has a passion for what she does and for helping others find their passions. The wedding industry, and wedding planning specifically, can be a hard field to navigate. Being a source of knowledge and inspiration to others makes her heart happy!

Who Is This For?

The program is for aspiring or established planners who:

  • Want to learn the in’s and out’s of wedding planning and the industy as a whole
  • Want to learn about starting your own business and carving out a niche for yourself as a planner in an over-saturated industry
  • Want to expand their existing knowledge
  • Want to gain perspective from another planner’s seasoned experience
  • Want to learn how to attract ideal clients and carve out a niche through authentic based approaches to planning and business as a whole
  • Are looking to connect with like minded individuals who share similar interests and passions
  • Who want to have a damn good time on a Monday evening!

What To Expect

*This is a general idea of what we’ll be discussing week to week.

Wedding Coordinator versus Venue Coordinator

Ideal Clients- Who they are and how to attract them
Intake form/questionnaire
Initial Call or Meeting

Mock Initial First Calls
First Steps: They’ve hired you, now what?
Design Process and when to begin

Flexibility is Key
Timeline and Logistics
Key Business Templates
Navigating the Final Walkthrough

Business Basics
Services, Packages and Pricing

Building your network and your brand
Networking and Building Vendor Relationships
Styled Shoots: From Concept to Finished Product



6 Weeks starting July 10, 2023

90 Minute Group Mentorship Call Each Week

+ The opportunity to shadow Melissa at a wedding

+ An opportunity to plan and participate in a styled shoot with the group

+ Access to Melissa Crawford for questions!

What Past Mentees are Saying!

This mentorship program was an awesome way to learn the industry. It was a lot of information over the 10 weeks of the program but Melissa made it so easy to understand. The wedding world was really broken down piece by piece from all perspectives. I liked how different approaches were given on how to enter into the industry by way of either working for someone or working for yourself. I think one of the hardest things to do is build your own business from the ground up, especially in such a unique profession. Melissa gave great advice on this so we wouldn’t make the same mistakes as her. It was encouraging and inspiring to see someone make it even when starting with no experience. My favorite part was shadowing actual weddings. I am a hands-on learner and Melissa made that happen even in a global pandemic. I never felt anxious on the zoom calls because everyone has just a warm-spirited energy. On top of all the knowledge I gained from this program, I also gained a friend. Melissa is someone who is real as fuck and down to earth. When I was shadowing with her, you could tell she actually wanted me to learn and wasn’t just using me as an extra set of hands for the day. When it comes to learning about the wedding industry, Melissa is the person you want to learn from 100%.


After planning my own wedding down to its very last detail, I found myself wanting more. I knew I wasn’t created on this earth to work a typical 9-5. I love staying busy, being creative, and solving problems to help others. 

I originally applied to Devoted To You on the website, finding out she actually wasn’t hiring at the moment. To my surprise, a few weeks later I was asked to be a part of a mentorship program that Melissa put together over the winter. This was the first year she was doing this, and I was honored to be a part of it! I knew I had a lot to learn and a lot of catching up to do if I wanted to make it. 

I already knew my heart was in the wedding industry, but every Monday night made my heart beat a little bit faster. I was (virtually) surrounded by some of the best people, who all had a common interest. This program was more than just a ten-week learning period – it was ten weeks of reassurance, guidance, passion, and friendship. 

Melissa has so much knowledge to give. For someone who has been in this industry for almost ten years, this chick knows what the hell is going on! She is quick, honest, and fiery! She’s a leader, a role-model, and an inspiration. If you are thinking about this program, THIS IS YOUR SIGN – DO IT! 

A few topics of discussion were: ideal client, wedding planner vs. wedding coordinator, full planning, design, dos and don’ts, managing difficult situations, how to create a timeline, business basics, networking, and time management. We also did example consultation calls and got to play both sides – the client and the planner. It was a safe space for growing. No question was a dumb question and no answer was the wrong answer. We navigated each lesson together. It was also nice that two of her DTY ladies, Morgan and Victoria, joined every week, so we got to learn from them and hear from their perspectives, too.

Although I am fresh in this wedding world, I feel more confident than I ever have. I know that this is who I am supposed to be, in the place I am supposed to be, and with the people I am supposed to be with. This mentorship program was exactly what I needed to pursue this endeavor. I have Melissa to thank for that. 


This mentorship program was so helpful, and so much fun. Melissa covered everything about starting up a wedding planning business, from the ins and outs of the job to even including some business basics. She was attentive, honest and thorough while also keeping the lessons up beat and interesting. We went through the whole planning process, from business start up to booking a client, all the way to the day of the wedding. We got to ask plenty of questions, express what we were most interested in, and participate in activities.

But what was so special about this mentorship program was that it was filled with so much heart. Melissa talked to us about things like self care and boundaries and how and when to say no. She expressed how important diversity and equality are to her and how she makes sure her work is held to those standards as well. She made learning easy for someone like me, who has a hard time even if I’m interested in the subject matter. I am so incredibly thankful for this opportunity and for everything I learned.