Coordination Box

If you want to ensure that all wedding details are organized well, you have an iron clad timeline and logistics are well thought out, this box is for you!

USB Drive 

Stop looking, we really did it…We’ve created a wedding planning guide that physically fits in the palm of your hand. Our Coordination USB drive contains 7 wedding planning documents that will guide you step-by-step throughout the planning process, along with multiple organizational worksheets that will keep you beyond organized with all of your vendors, key contacts, and wedding day items. 

Minted Discount Code 

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we have also included a minted wedding invitation discount code to all of our customers who purchase a DTY box! This can be used on multiple orders for projects like save the dates, day of signage, escort cards, and wedding invitations. 

Suit Shop Discount Code 

Weddings can get stressful, don’t let the thought of what you’re wearing be part of that. We partnered with the Suit Shop who designs custom formalwear for anyone, men and women, not just the bridal party either! With tons of vivid colors and mixed fabrics, you’ll love what you see, and feel good with what you’re wearing! 


Because who doesn’t love to just sit down, light a candle, and decompress from the day. We wanted to create a fun yet relaxing aroma that eases your busy minds. * matches included 

      Remember CALM THE F*CK DOWN! 

Headache Roller 

Feel a headache coming on or just overwhelmed in general? Got you. Throw our handheld headache relief roller in your pocket or bag and make it part of your daily necessities. Roll it on the side of your temples for instant relief with a cooling undertone. 

Love Honey 

We wanted to include just a little something to keep it spicyyy. 


If there’s anything you remember to bring with you on your wedding day, please make it your OH SHIT KIT. We curated a mini survival kit of our favorite and most popular wedding day essentials. 

Sage Wand 

Let’s just say that the past two years haven't exactly been the easiest or most predictable, so grab your sage wand and get ready to release any negative energy. We’re manifesting greatness in 2022!!

Ring Dish 

With marriage comes rings, with rings comes a big responsibility. Don’t worry about misplacing your wedding bands, just put them in our handmade ring dishes made by a local PGH photographer and one of our awesome friendors 🙂 


Smoke 'em if you got 'em! What better way to celebrate than with a cigar.